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Welcome to the ERADIS - European Railway Agency Database of Interoperability and Safety

The ERADIS database shall ensure that the information relevant to the safety and interoperability of the railways in the Member States is accessible and transparent to all interested parties and stakeholders in the railway.

ERADIS shall not be used as operational database, but for information purpose only.


In the Railway Safety Directive 2004/49/EC and the Agency Regulation 881/2004 /with later amendments/, the Agency has been given the task of collecting and providing public access to the following documents:

  • The EC declarations of verification of subsystems;
  • The EC declarations of conformity of constituents;
  • EC declarations of suitability for use of interoperability constituents;
  • Authorisations for placing in service of fixed installations;
  • The licences issued in accordance with Directive 95/18/EC;
  • The safety certificates issued in accordance with Article 10 of the Railway Safety Directive;
  • Information on the Entities in Charge of Maintenance: the schema decided in each member state, certification bodies documents, ECM certificates, ECM MoU certificates and maintenance functions certificates;
  • The investigation reports sent to the Agency in accordance with Article 24 of the Railway Safety Directive;
  • A biennial report on safety performance, based on CSIs, national reports on safety and accidents and its own information.
  • The link to the national vehicle registers ECVVR;
  • The link to national rules database NOTIF-IT.

All data submitted to ERADIS is public and accessible without user credentials. The user account in ERADIS is needed only for data submission by the appropriate authorities. If you need the user account click here:
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